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Dylan Student of the Month

Don’t get me wrong, Student of the Month program is a great one, it’s really high maintenance! I wonder if I can request that my kiddo get it in the beginning of the year? Hmmm.

First, they require that you create a poster. For some reason my boys have high expectations and I’m not really a montage kind of girl. I like things clean and simple. This time I had Dylan help me and he picked out the stickers and where they should go.

Next, they use it to get you to the PTA meeting so your kiddo can be recognized and given a gift certificate.

Lastly, the event is concluded with a luncheon. This is actually my favorite part. They decorate the table red, white, and blue with several fun hats to make it special for the kids.

Due to the good luck I always have, these kinds of events usually fall on my play dates. It is no problem, the more the merrier right!

Drake has gotten so used to coming up to the school the past couple weeks his behavior has greatly improved. Especially when Rhett is around. They ate and played with their Disney Cars the entire time. Dylan and I actually got a chance to chat and snuggle a bit.

Congratulations Dylan for being such a great kid! I’m really proud of you. {{hugs}}

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