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Memorial Day on the Lake

Drake’s dreams have come true and it’s jet skiing season once again. The boy is a fanatic about water craft. For our first trip out of the season we took Chanda and her family.

Since our family is more the computer gaming type than the outdoor enthusiasts, we got the jet skis to not only provide family bonding time but to create outdoor adventures.

They are doing their job as each month we explore new lakes, invite different friends, and enjoy the time together.

It was a such a fun and relaxing and adventurous day. There were some crazy fun people watching that day and Chanda and I enjoyed thoroughly enjoyed the scenery.

Jason and the guys (co-workers) are taking the summer off of their MBA program. Whoohoo!! This means Saturday mornings and Monday evenings are now time with my man. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have him all to myself. {{evil laugh}}

I don’t know what my deal was when we got home from the lake on Monday. It might have been the extra vitamin D from the sun or the Diet Coke kicking in, but I was a purging maniac!

No, not that kind of purging – the cleaning variety. I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed lately. My body constantly aches regardless of my daily stretching and cardio, my responsibilities are stacking up, and Jason’s been traveling a LOT.

I think I just got to the point where I realized that the more stuff I have, the more stuff I have to take care of. During the time Jason cleaned out the truck and took the jet skis to the storage unit; I had purged everything I haven’t used in a year from the laundry room, bathroom, and the entire kitchen.

Man it felt good! I had double or triple the spices, kitchen tools, and random objects I no longer use. I’m planning on doing this throughout the entire house next week. I’ve got to get rid of the “extra” if I’m going to be able to keep my home clean, focus on our family goals, and still make time for my passions and pursuits.

I just LOVE to throw things away (or get them ready to donate). It brings a clarity of mind and soul that lightens my load.

3 thoughts on “Memorial Day on the Lake

  1. We love our jet ski’s too. Fun times. I need to purge every room in my house. When its done, it is easier to clean and I feel lighter in spirit for sure!

  2. We took out boat out yesterday! So much fun! I so enjoy being out in the water with my family and get away from the TV, CELL PHONES, Xbox and the internet!just family time! 🙂

  3. amen sister! i love to clean out and throw things away. you are right, the more we have, the more to clean up! i am in a spring mode too. although, i need my organized laurie to come!
    those jet skis look soooo much fun! i have been trying to persuade jordi for some of those. i want to help my kids enjoy the outdoors more than the indoors too.

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