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Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! I hope your men spoiled you with your favorite breakfast, your kiddos made you something super cheesy, and you got to take a nap.

That’s pretty much how my Mother’s Day was. Jason made my all time favorite food, waffles with fresh strawberries and cool whip. I ate 2!

The kiddos made me cards and wrapped up my favorite candy. Jason also finished up a 6 month project that he’s been working on for Tip Junkie. That was my Mother’s Day wish and the best present he could have given me. Thanks honey!

Dylan came home from school with “My Marvelous Mom” worksheet. He was seriously so proud of it, I couldn’t help but really appreciate how thoughtful he tried to be.

1. If my mom were a flower, she would be a Sunflower because she’s sunny and bright.

2. If my mom were a song, she would be You Are My Sunshine because I love her.

3. If my mom were a super hero, she would be Mighty Mom because she helps me a lot.

4. If my mom were candy, she would be Kisses because she kisses me a lot.

5. If my mom were a car, she would be a Race Car because she’s Super Dooper Fast.

6. If my mom were a color she would be Pink because She’s Butiful.

7. If my mom were an animal, she would be a Cat because She’s Cute.

8. If my mom were a TV Show, she would be American Idol because She’s a Great Singer.

Awe! At least one of my boys has a crush on me. {{wink}}

Instead of a nap, we opted to watch old home video of the boys. They’ve been playing with the video camera a lot the past couple weeks and have taken some pretty funny video.

We came across this video from a birthday party my mom threw me in 2002. She bought tons of silly string and my 2 brothers, SIL, Lisa, my Mom & Dad, Davis (4 yrs), Dylan (2 yrs), Jason and I had it out in the garage.

It was during a time when we all hung out at my house on Sundays eating and watching Alias together.

Ahhh. Good Times.

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  1. funny video!!! we just watched some old videos too last week and really enjoyed them. isn’t it fun to go back in time? happy mother’s day! sounds like your day was awesome!

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