Mother of Boys

Silence is Golden

My house is straight up loud. From the moment Turk boys take their first breath – they know how to wail. Their vocal chords are fully developed and they use them for all kinds of noises, sounds, and rhythms.

They mostly use their God-given ability for good; roaring laughs, ear piercing squeals, and pure enjoyment hubbub.

Turk boys seem to believe that being a brotherhood is a contact sport. They use their entire bodies to communicate. They run, stomp, crash into things, and play with enthusiasm.

Turk tantrums are a sight to behold. Set on a stage they would be Oscar nominated as their performance consumes their entire body.

The pure energy Turk boys put out would most certainly run a small power plant for an entire day. I would be wealthy beyond imagination if I could bottle it up in pill form.

Turk boys know how to use their acoustics to their benefit. You’re never left guessing as to what they need or how they feel.

Turk boys are silly beyond recognition.

They love physical comedy and are always up for making each other laugh, doing stunts, and recently video taping their adventures.

Turk boys have amazing smiles and are bit of camera hogs. When the camera comes out, the cheese in them is released and it’s go time!

Turk boys know how to laugh and never seem to tire of it. They make crazy faces, say the silliest things, and will do anything for a giggle.

Turk boys know how to transmit how they are feeling! It’s usually verbal, loud, and with intensity.

Can you believe that I’m still trying to get used to the pandemonium also know as the Turk home? You’d think I’d be used to it by now. It’s a wild and crazy ride and the Turk boys always have something up their sleeve.

I adore these little beings more than they can comprehend. I just hope they don’t only remember Mom as always getting on them to “BE QUIET!”

At times the noise can be overstimulating, overwhelming, over powering. With summer looming in the distance I’m hoping I can make the transition with patience and elegance.

3 thoughts on “Silence is Golden

  1. I am right there with you. I have 2 boys and what you described is my house to a T. Thanks for the post. I know another Texas family out there is just like ours.

  2. I understand what you are saying! I have four boys! There is always a lot of action and NOISE with boys! I just don’t understand why they want to beat each other up and they call that FUN! I have come to realize I will miss the noise later in life, so I try to embrace it as much as I can! =)

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