Twitter Girls Night Out – #GNO

Last night I participated in a virtual girls night out on Twitter! Basically, you head over to Mom It Forward and leave your Twitter Address so people can follow you. Next, head on over to Tweet Grind and participate in the fun.

I haven’t participated in a chat room, but I’ve heard it explained that it’s very similar. The person in charge will ask questions to get the converstations going and then you simply compliment, reply, and send links to tutorials to other women. {{fabulous}}

This is what Tweet Grind looks like. As new tweets come in, it adds in little boxes of converstations. I’ll be honest, it took me a little bit to get used to. I’m not acustomed to so much information hitting me all at once, but it was a BLAST and I quickly felt like one of the gang.

The topic last night was crafting so as you can imagine, I was all over it! It made me realize that I need to plan one afternoon a week to finishing up my current favorite project. Anyone want to come over and craft with me!?!

Anyway, I hope you’ll check out #GNO every Tuesday night at 8pm central on Twitter. Need a tutorial on How to Twitter? No problem, I’ve totally got your back.

I’ve been asked to host #GNO in a couple weeks, so I’ll be sure to Tweet ya and let you know the date. {{wink}}

3 thoughts on “Twitter Girls Night Out – #GNO

  1. So glad you had fun last night! It was a popular topic, for sure. I love DIY gals, but am not one myself, so it was awesome to sort of sit back and watch the conversation go on and on and on with intensity and passion for these homemade hobbies. It was inspiring!

  2. drats, I forgot about GNO. Had to finish some work and then watched Lost. Maybe next week.

  3. GNO sounds a little wrong somehow. Too close to Gyno I think.

    Glad you had a good one though!

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