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Davis’ Graduation Party

There are so many kids Davis’ age at church that are graduating from Elementary school this year. So Megan, Laurie M, and I decided to throw them a graduation party.

I made them each a photo cupcake topper with their new school colors on it. I also brought balloons in all of the school colors so they would feel united and more grown up. I wanted Davis to know that he isn’t alone in how he’s feeling – they’re all growing up together.

Megan has such a fabulous backyard with plenty of space for the kids to play and run around. The party started with water cannons and the slip ‘n slide.

Megan’s neighbor has a bounce house and kindly let us use it. The gymnasts had so much fun in it doing their flips and bonding with each other.

Laurie M was in charge of the games and they had a blast! The object of the first game was to transfer the water in the first bucket to the last bucket while blindfolded.

Next, they had to fill a 2 liter water bottle (cut with a window in front) that was on a child’s head, to the line with a water gun while taking turns in their line.

Lisa and I watching all the fun.

They also had to put on a wet suit, life jacket, and goggles relay.

They ended the party with a huge water balloon fight.

Davis really got into it. {{giggle}}

I still can’t believe it’s summer already and my little guy will now be in Intermediate school. I have an appointment with the new principle next week. I’m hoping I’ll feel better about the whole experience after talking to him. {{fingers crossed}}

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  1. Completely awesome. i get so many great ideas for your blog. Now I know what games we are doing at our party on WEds. thanks!

  2. Loving the blog, stumbled accross it while on tip junkie. We live in England and bloggings not so popular here but you've inspired me to start my own. Thanks!!

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