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Super Saturday Crafts

I’m back on the Enrichment committee at church and last week we planned our Super Saturday, which is an all day craft event. Here are the projects we’re going to do. {{YAY!!}}

We wanted to not only pick fun projects that people in several different age groups would like to do, we also wanted to pick projects that will teach a skill. Each of these items can be given as a gift or teach a skill that you can use in several different ways.

1. Free Project – Wood Plugs

2. Reindeer Cupcake Pops

Wouldn’t these make fun neighborhood gifts and teacher gifts this Christmas? I can’t wait to learn how to make them.

3. Ribbon & Beaded Bookmarks

Chanda makes these and they’re adorable! They would also make a fun and inexpensive gift.

4. Family Home Evening Magnet Board

5. Church Tote Bags

We wanted a sewing project but the logistics of doing one is very complicated. So instead, we decided to monogram bags. I’ll warn you, monogramming anything is highly addictive! {{giggle}}

6. Christ Plate

7. Halloween Shadow Boxes

8. Nativity Blocks (Set of 3 or Middle only). Adhering Thoughts and Say it on the Wall both sell it.

We’re offering the middle one only because it would also make a great gift and it’s easy!

9. Christmas & Birthday Tags

It should be a really fun day. If you’re looking for more craft ideas or easy gift ideas here are more links:

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Super Saturday Crafts

7 thoughts on “Super Saturday Crafts

  1. i love the halloween shadow box too and also the 3 ice blocks with the nativity. cool crafts!! i need to be there with you! di

  2. LOVE the FHE magnet board and the CTR bags!!! We're not doing a Super Saturday this year. 🙁

  3. Such cute ideas. Did you know I sold adhering thought a while ago? Heather, an awesome vinyl lady, bought it.
    I wish we had S.Saturdays here!! What cute ideas.

  4. those are all so cute. i love the shadow boxes and the Christ plate. would you be willing to share instructions on the plate?? thanks!

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