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Swim Team

We’ve been living and breathing swim team this summer. It’s been a great experience for the boys. This year Lisa, Wendy, and I have a great system set up as we are trading off watching the 3 year olds. Whoohoo!

This means that one watches Drake, Emily, and Tyson in the comfort of our own home while the other two are volunteering and getting the kiddos to their proper races. It’s been so nice to be completely focused and able to participate and encourage the kids. This year by far has been the most enjoyable. {{hugs to good friends}}

Davis is continuing to make great improvements and is enjoying it a lot more.

Since this is Dylan’s first year, I started him out with only 1 race per meet. Now he now is up to 5 or 6 and really excelling. I think he’s found his groove as he rocks at the breast stroke!

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