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Attention Grandparents – Christmas Wish Lists

Skate Rail Grind

I’m in complete denial that it’s already November and time to get my hiney in gear and get my Christmas shopping done. Usually, I’m much more organized but this year I have a new attitude and I’m just rolling with the punches and keeping things easy.

I’ve been getting requests from Grandparents to get the boys Christmas gift lists ready. Honestly, I have no idea what they want. The boys are getting older and their interests are changing. So I packed up all the kids, grabbed Lisa as my wing man, and we headed on over to Toys R Us.

Since I couldn’t be with the older boys I took an easy approach and handed them my camera and told them to take pictures of what they want for Christmas! This way I could focus on Drake and figure out his list.

Davis’ Wish List:

Glow in the Dark Nerf

Geeze these kids are cheesy! {{I have no idea where they get it from}} I came home to discover some pretty funny pictures. Leave it to my boys to make a Christmas gift list and event. {{giggle}}

Skate Insane Air Sick Tricks

Vulcan Nerf

Electronic Command Helmet – please don’t get him this {{yuck}}

Dylan’s Wish List:

Any kind of spy gear – Satellite Listener

Automatic Tommy 20 gun

New Bike – Santa will take care of this one. 😉

Drake’s Wish List:

Once Drake saw the Disney Cars Geo Trax the shopping trip was over. He couldn’t focus on anything else. Santa will hook him up with this one. 🙂

Drake is addicted to anything Disney Cars, cars that move (battery operated), or anything with a remote control.

Drake only gave this toy up because the sweet sales Lady promised to give it to Santa for him for Christmas. He was so grateful he gave her a hug and kiss. {{Mean mommy wouldn’t buy it for him.}}

Mac Car Carrier

Yep – that’s it. This is what an hour in the toy store produced. Talk about unproductive. I expected there to be a LOT more pictures. It looks like we’ll have to do another trip or just browse online. Not that they’re going to get a lot this year, we have a budget. I just want more options to consider as some of these I’m not that excited about.

I usually like to make sure they get something to build, a video game to play, something for their imagination, one item to build on whatever they are collecting or really into currently, and then a big gift from Santa.

My philosophy is few gifts (3-6 depending on cost) but good quality so nothing breaks and in a variety so there’s plenty to do Christmas day an no one is disappointed.

What’s your Christmas gift philosophy for your kiddos?

2 thoughts on “Attention Grandparents – Christmas Wish Lists

  1. i am just catching up on your blog, in march… we have 5 children and i try to stick to 4 things…
    1- something you want
    2-something to wear (usually hand sewn or knitted by me)
    3- something to read
    4- something you need.
    of course there are the little extras, but it helps on the skinny years to have some type of theme. i just love your blog!!

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