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Cuz I’m a Glutton for Punishment

I’ve been reading all kinds of frugal blogs lately and thanks to Alyssa for helping me make sense of it all, I’m now a couponer. {{again}}

About every 2-3 years I pick it back up. Then I get burned out and stop, next I run out of supplies, and then remember how much money I used to save and what my 3 month supply used to look like. Apparently, it’s a revolving process.

This week I spent $75.21 and saved $131.13 at Kroger. I only bought things I knew my picky eaters would consume. Whoohoo!! As you can tell, it’s a ton of meat. Luckily for us we’re carnivors.

If you’re interesed, here are the blogs:

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Drake has been having nightmares about flying saucer spiders with wings. It’s been a week of crying and interrupted sleep. He fell asleep in the car and I was able to trick him into thinking I was still snuggling him – thanks to a lot of pillows. {{sneaky}}

However, he was ticked off when he woke up for quite a while – so I think that 30 minutes of peace was a complete wash.

That night we had our first free dinner – sausage and egg mcmuffins. Yes, I actually cooked. {{gasp}}

6 thoughts on “Cuz I’m a Glutton for Punishment

  1. Eek! I have just started couponing again as well. My most recent trip to the store took about twice as long, because I wasn't just tossing any old brand in my basket 🙂

  2. P.S. We had an issue with flying spiders and nightmares…I purchased a squirt bottle, decorated it, filled it with Fabreeze (or as it is now known, Alien spider repellant) and presented it to the lad. He has it next to his bed. We use it every night after prayers and if he wakes up, he uses it to scare the spiders away.

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