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Christmas Round Up

It’s painfully obvious at this point that I’m never going to catch up on my posts. Therefore, here is one massively long one that briefly gives you an idea on how we celebrated the Christmas season. I hope you all had a wonderful time with your family!!

Merry Christmas from Laurie, Jason, Davis, Dylan, and Drake

Drake participated in his first pre-school performance. His teacher should have known better than to put Tyson behind Drake. I think Drake was more concerned about what Tyson was doing and getting his hands in his pockets.

They sung J-E-S-U-S and Jesus was his name-o. The entire performance I couldn’t help but feel sacrilegious! Putting Christ’s name in a song about a dog. Geeze Louise. {{shaking head}}

The kiddos had a hard time dealing with the paparazzi outside their classroom after the performances.

We have had a LOT of friends over to play the past several weeks. Davis and Dylan both had their first sleep overs! They each went well and therefore they’ve convinced me that they’re responsible enough to have the privilege.

This year we decided to forgo the traditional Gingerbread House and try a rice crispy one. Had I known that I would have had to make it first, I wouldn’t have bought it. You know I can’t cook! I was so worried I was going to mess it up and it would be ruined.

Luckily, Davis was in charge and everything turned out wonderful.

It has snowed TWICE this year!! Whoohoo. We had a white Christmas as it snowed Christmas Eve. They boys thought that was seriously so cool.

Christmas Eve we did all our traditions as well as had the boys open up their Christmas pajamas. I wasn’t feeling well and had been battling the stomach flu for 2 days. Therefore, the day was not documented very well.

Since the boys were getting one really big gift this year, we decided to have them play a little game and search for it! They each had a ball of string that started from their stocking and ended somewhere in the house where their big present from Mom & Dad was hidden.

They really got into it. Of course, Davis cheated and eventually just followed the string with his eyes (cutting corners and walking around the house) and found it pretty quickly. Drake’s string was short and I helped him.

Dylan took it the most seriously and played exactly by the rules, carefully winding up all the string before he allowed himself to find his gift. {{bwaahaa!}} They are each so predictable. 🙂 Needless to say, they loved the game and the anticipation of finding their gift.

Drake hit the mother load with all his gifts from grandma’s & grandpas. His age is the easiest to buy for and the least expensive.

HUGE thanks to all the grandparents for making this Christmas a wonderful one for the boys. We have 7 sets of grands & great-grands which really helped take off the financial burden this year. You ROCK!!

The big family gift from Jason and me this year was a Casio keyboard. It’s seriously so cool. I went to the music store and bought piano books for the boys. Davis has already taught himself to play 3 songs. Dylan and Drake just love having it play for them and enjoy all the gadgets and cool noises it makes.

It was a wonderful Christmas considering the devastating year we’ve had. I’ll be way to happy to ends 2009 and put the struggles and trials behind me. {{said in complete seriousness}}

I hope that you are also ready to ditch 2009 and enjoy the New Year. Bring it on, baby!!

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  1. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  2. So fun. The snow was great. Love the rice krispie houses – that seems to have much easier construction for little hands! I think our boys must be close in age because our living room was filled with all those things too!

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