New Moon Midnight Premier


Man, it’s been a crazy month {{again}}. I feel like I start every post this way. HA! At any rate, Jen, Lisa, and I went to the midnight premier of New Moon. {{when ever that was}}

We now have a tradition of grabbing cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory and smuggling it in to help pass the time. It’s seriously the BEST way to wait for a movie.


It was yummy.

I’m referring to the cheesecake, of course! {{evil laugh}}

New Moon was my favorite book because I loved the villains. Victoria and the Voltry – yeah baby! I’m all about the action and this movie didn’t disappoint. {{two thumbs up}}

I’m glad they down-played Bella’s depression. That would have seriously been annoying to watch. My only compaint really was the make-up. Talk about yuck. I felt like their faces were too white and their eyes too gold. They would have stuck out – they looked completely alien. I didn’t like it.

Although, I think I just may have to switch and head on over to “Team Jacob”. Dude brought it which deserves some props for sure!



3 thoughts on “New Moon Midnight Premier

  1. SUCH a fun night of yumminess! Abs and cheesecake! Thanks for letting me crash your "Sisters Night Out". I'll eat cheesecake to pass time with ya'll anytime!

    And about those abs again… yumm…

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