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Time to Give

Now that the boys are getting older, I thought it would be a good idea to have them buy each other a Christmas gift. It was a brilliant idea I daydreamed one morning of 3 boys scouring Toys R Us with the exact gift in mind for their sibling. Shopping would be done in a matter of minutes and the hardest part would be checking out.

Well… things didn’t go that smoothly with the Turk boys. However, they each ended up with presents for one other. However, Davis was the only one who came in under budget. The other two were just too convinced that higher priced item was the best one.

Yes, I caved. I love toys!

We got home and they each wrapped their gifts (with the correct wrapping paper – each boy has their own) and put them under the tree.

It was a fun afternoon. Huge thanks to Lisa for her help in wrangling the boys and helping to hide the gifts at check out. They should all be surprised come Christmas morning.

One thought on “Time to Give

  1. We had the kids get each other gifts for the first time this year and it was great!

    They really understood and have been gifting each other toys from their rooms the rest of the week.

    Now….if they were just old enough to wrap the gifts.

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