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Where The Heck Am I ?!?

This post is a little late – but a couple weeks ago this is what my front yard looked like! Nope, we didn’t move to Utah; it was brought to us one morning.

I had completely forgotten how beautiful snow it. Usually when it snows here in Texas it’s icy not powder like this. I believe we got 10″ of snow that day. (Don’t quote me.)

The kids were in heaven!

So was Lisa! She came over and we built this OTT fort with the boys and some neighborhood kids.

Of course, just one fort isn’t good enough. So once we finished the first one, they quickly started the second one.

Can you tell they had a good time?

Lisa sure did! She was determined to have the biggest snowman on the block.

Of course, half way through we decided that we shouldn’t make a snowman, but a Snow Angel!

So I grabbed the accessories and we went to town making our Angel as beautiful as possible. {{squeal in delight}}

Earlier that day Drake had his Valentine’s Day party.

It was my day to carpool, so I made the kids pose in the snow. {{bwaahaa}} They weren’t diggin’ it as much as I was. {{evil laugh}}

In other news, I’m still couponing, play dating, and having a weekly lunch out. Life is busy and one day soon I hope to really take some time and put all my thoughts down on my blog.

6 thoughts on “Where The Heck Am I ?!?

  1. It really is beautiful !!!
    The snow angel is GREAT !!!!
    It looks like the kids had a ball !!! Wish I could have been there to play in the snow with them. Have they been watching the olympics??? It's so inspiring to see all the great athletes!!! So glad you all had a good time!! Love Ya!

  2. Look at all those goodies on the counter! Wow. Bet your young'uns were having a hard time keeping their hands off! 🙂

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