How the SITSgirls Changed the Tip Junkie

Once upon a time, five girls who had a passion for blogging united and formed the crazy named company, Chic Chick Media. After two years of working together, Skyping, E-mailing, Twittering, Blogging, creating a text ad widget, and becoming Social Media Mavens they were finally able to meet in real life at Bloggy Boot Camp in Phoenix.

Me, Kim, Cindy, Heather and Tiffany – the Chic Chick Media girls

I was stoked to finally meet Kim from Today’s Creative Blog and Cindy from Skip to my Lou with whom I have a fondness and just adore working with.

The conference (Bloggy Boot Camp) was hosted by the SITSgirls who gave me my first speaking gig at SITScation last October. Before that, it never would have occurred to me to attend a blogging conference, let alone speak at one. After some serious soul searching, I realized my place among the blogging community and my responsibility to help teach other women what I have learned. After all, it goes hand in hand with my passion for promoting creative women. Once I got over my fears, it felt like a natural extension of Tip Junkie.

Angie, Francesca, Me, Cindy, Kim, Jyl, and MamaKat

The SITSgirls are continuing to do what they do best; unite women! Thanks to them and their conferences, I have become friends with the most incredible women and get the opportunity to meet more on a regular basis.

Me, Marlyn, and Lisa Leonard

Bloggy Boot Camp in Phoenix was a crash course for new bloggers who want to take their blogs to the next level. What the speakers taught took me two years to find out on my own and I was honored to be apart of it.

Marlyn, Lisa, and I spoke during the Mom-preneur track about Small Business, Advertising, Social Media, and Balancing it all. These two ladies ROCK and are such inspirations and success stories. If you have or want to make money online these two are great examples.

Debba with Girlfriendology

It was seriously so fun to see familiar faces and work out future collaborations. {{squeal in delight}}

Lisa, Me, and Julie

I already adore Julie who I bonded with at BlissDom. It was a complete honor to be able to spend a lot of time with Lisa Leonard. I tell you, she is the real deal and has such a warm heart and kind spirit. I just loved being able to talk shop with her and get to know her better.

Tiffany planned the conference with the perfect amount of work, play, and down time. We had dinner Saturday night at White Chocolate Grille. {{yummy}}

Angie, Francesca, MamaKat, Loralee, and Me

At this point in my gush-fest, you’re probably wondering how this all applies to you? Well, here it is. Whether you’re a blogger or not, I would strongly urge you to surround yourself with uplifting, collaborative, and kind hearted women. If you don’t have that in your real life, you can most certainly find it online.

Every time I attend a blog conference, I’m overwhelmed at the warmth and welcoming that I feel from my fellow colleges. I’m able to let loose, have fun, and talk shop with people who completely get my crazy passion for blogging. {{wink}} My wish is that you feel this too.

Hugs to everyone who has helped Tip Junkie, in what ever way, become what is is today. I’m so grateful and honored and will continue to do my best.

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