Mother of Boys

Invention Convention

Dylan’s class had an Invention Convention where they each showcased something that they invented. Dylan decided to invent a contraption that would stop him from leaning back in his chair. This has become a huge problem both a school and at home.

Jason was out of town {{of course}} so his engineering skills were seriously missed as Dylan and I created a prototype. We used large plastic coin collectors, bolted on an “L” brace, then made it look legit with some black spray paint.

We made it work. He was proud of it which is really all that matters.

Several of his classmates cracked us up with their invetions which mostly had to do with food! {{giggle}}

This little sweetie made a monster who’s eyes folded down into cup holders and the top of it’s head was a food tray. It was on wheels for easy transportation. Girlfriend takes her meals seriously.

Another invention that had us laughing was the “snack hat”. It is fully loaded with carbs and sugar snacks with a handy dandy door that’s conveniently located right above the bill. It was hysterical!

Here’s Drake eating a snack from the snack hat. These darling cuties know how to share. Drake was stoked!

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