Uncle Bens Cooking Event

I was invited to a blogger event to learn about the new UNCLE BEN’S® Whole Grain White Rice with Missy Lapine, The Sneaky Chef.

Since I don’t cook I was completely clueless as to what all the hub bub was about. I met Missy before we went into the kitchen and asked her if she worked for Uncle Bens. {{do’h!}}

But the oh-so fabulous Amy was totally in the know {{as usual}} and even brought her copy of Missy’s cook book for her to sign.

They are introducing their new product, “New UNCLE BEN’S® Whole Grain White Rice is the first and only whole grain rice that looks and tastes like white rice. The new product provides moms with a secret weapon to incorporate whole grains at dinner.”
{{Taken from Amy’s Blog – because I didn’t pay attention}}

We cooked 4 of Missy’s meals and they all turned out great. I took my time in the kitchen very seriously.

Well, OK maybe not. {{wink}}

I learned a bit but had a blast! Huge thanks to Mom Central, Uncle Bens, and The Sneaky Chef for such a fun afternoon.

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