Mother of Boys

The Last Day of School Celebrations

This year I made the boys ‘end of school year’ t-shirts that thank their teachers on the front. I made Davis’ smaller since he’s now in Intermediate School.

I told him he didn’t have to wear it if it would make him uncomfortable. He ended up wearing it under another shirt to school.  During the donut party he took his other shirt off and wore it proudly.  {{giggle}}

On the back of the shirts it said, “Look out 4th grade, here I come!”  I got this idea from Kristy when I featured her on Tip Junkie.

We went to Davis’ donut party.

And Dylan’s game day and Ice Cream party.

I  had the “Welcome to Summer” banner all ready for them when they came home from school.

This little man helped me make it and was terribly bummed that I didn’t have green paint.  {{his favorite color}}

The boys always enjoy running through it to mark a new day of sleeping in, lots of computer games, the pool, and play dates with friends.

Davis went to two end of school year parties at friends houses this year. Needless to say, we ended it with a bang!

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