Chic Click Carnival

This week I’m participating in the Chic Click Carnival. I’m Laurie and this is my personal blog where I share my life as a wife to a techy husband, mom to three boys, and full time blogger.

Right now I think my favorite post is about Fabric Care University where I won a challenge with Tim Gunn and finally learned how to do my laundry correctly. 

My favorite peep of the week is Cut & create!  Jana is a fabulous graphics designer with mad skills here are some of my favorite posts of hers:

2 thoughts on “Chic Click Carnival

  1. Hi! I'm here from the Click Carnival. Pleased to meet you! I hope you will take time to visit my blog and enter to win some of the many giveaways happening now. You might win a gorgeous Stella & Dot necklace!

    Happy Clicking!
    Homemaker Honey

  2. Laurie! I can't believe you featured me!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I am going to have to get caught up on my TJ & EH– gracious!! Take care!

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