Mother of Boys

Scout Camp

I had the opportunity of chaperoning Dylan’s Scout Camp this year.

I have to say, that it was a lot of fun.  Yes it was hot and sticky and I wish I had brought more Diet Coke. {{two was not enough}} But Dylan and I had some quality bonding time and it was nice to get to know his friends better.

They put up with my mandatory photo ops. {{mostly}}


Played cowboy horseshoes.  Which got a little too competitive at one point.  Who ever thought that giving 9 year old boys toilet seats to chunk around a field was a good idea – obviously doesn’t have a 9 year old boy.  {{just sayin’}}

Shot BB guns.

Panned for gold.

  Herding a cow.  Yes the boys were the cow.

I’m really proud of Dylan and what a good friend he is to the boys.  He’s been working on letting other people stick up for themselves and not being such a right fighter.  Which is really hard for him due to his tender heart.  

Dylan is growing up to be such a responsible and caring  young man.  I couldn’t be prouder of him for overcoming his trials and finding the bright side in life.

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