What’s My Story – Project MomCasting Submission

Did you know that there is Project MomCasting, an in progess?  It’s a TV series based on Online Moms and several of my fabulous blogging friends have entered.  It got me thinking, why not?

Hi, I am Laurie and here’s my story…

I’m a crafty girly-girl with three boys.  My oldest has high functioning autism, my middle has ADHD, and my youngest is well, 4.  {{enough said}}  We’re a loud but loving bunch. There’s nothing I won’t do for these precious souls. I’m honored to have them.

I love to decorate my home and almost every room as a theme.  I love a theme!  Yes I painted that shoe canvas myself to match the hand towels in my pink bathroom.  Cuz’ they’ve got to match.  Duh.

I grew up in a financially unstable home with the most creative mother on the planet.  She was not comfortable selling the things she made.  Since we struggled to keep the lights on growing up, I gained a passion to help to promote creative women with Tip Junkie. I love to feature, promote, teach, and market Mom-preneurs.  Tip Junkie has an entire directory and many programs to do just that – promote women in small business.  This is a huge motivating factor of why I do what I do every day.

I also believe that we can use what we do best to create Moments that Matter for ourselves and our family.  I’m so passionate about it that I wrote an eBook on the subject. {{wink}}

I’m a bit OCD in the organizing department and I hate to re-invent the wheel.  Therefore I created Executive Homemaker which has over 300 free printables for busy moms.  It’s my way of helping us stay on top of things, bring in the OTT {{over the top}}, with efficiency and grace.  {{love it!}}

I’m silly, love to laugh, driven, serious about my blogs, and adore my family and friends.  I love to host a party, attend girls night out with friends, love Sci-Fi movies and action flicks!

That’s just a quick blurb about moi.  {{hugs from Texas}}

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