Mother of Boys

Time to Outsource!

This year I got smart and asked my sister, Lisa, to take the boys school clothes shopping.  Yep, it’s time to outsource that experience.

Here’s the thing, I can’t help but want my boys in tailored preppy shirts with a collar and streamlined shorts.  I have a problem dressing them older than baby Gap.

I’m completely aware that my boys are almost young men and want to look a little more rugged and cool.  Therefore, I called in reinforcements and had my sister give then each new looks for school.

She did a fantastic job!  Not only did they have the best bonding experience with their Aunt but they love their new looks.  I’m thinking this is a tradition I could get very used to.  It made getting ready for back to school a breeze!

Thank You Lisa!  You’re the best!

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