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Twilight Eclipse Premier Party

While I was in Utah, I was invited to attend a Twilight Eclipse premier party at Thanksgiving Point. The best thing about it was that it was at 8pm instead of midnight.  {{squeal in delight}}  I got all the perks of seeing it first without the sleep deprivation hang over the next morning.

I was a bit under-dressed as there were people dressed up as werewolves and full costume.  The party was crazy fun with mom-tini’s called “Edwards Kiss” and “Jacob on the Beach”.

I got the hook up thanks to these lovely ladies who are also fellow bloggers.
Allison, Rachael, and Marie.  {{hola!}}

It was a crazy fun evening.  Miss you Carina!

Allison and I just couldn’t pass up this photo op taken from someone’s car!  How funny to drive around with Edward as a passenger.{{bwaahaa!}}

Yep, we left with some fun swag.  VIP guest passes, “Paw-sta”, buttons, cup, and necklace. 
Huge thanks to everyone for such a lovely time in Utah! 

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