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Wildside Bloggers in Sea World at San Antonio

We were invited to join the Wildside Bloggers Reunion at SeaWorld San Antonio.

We absolutely love SeaWorld and I have an obsession with fellow bloggers. So we jumped in the car and headed out for all the festivities.

We were greeted with cake and ice cream and photo ops with Shamu.

Fabulous new friends were made and I got to see several of my Twitter friends again.  It was completely delightful.

We didn’t get a suit this time because we were staying at the hotel with all the bloggers.  This caused a sleeping arragment delima.  Where was the 3rd child going to sleep?  I tried to get Drake to sleep in the bathtub full of pillows, but unfortuantely it was a no-go.  We ended up making a bed on the floor for Davis. 

Not to self:
Do yourself a favor and be sure we have a suit at all costs!  Must have 2 beds and a couch.  Must have a door so the kids can fall to sleep while Jason and I watch a movie alone.  Must set up family for success. 🙂  Live and learn.

SeaWorld welcomed us with open arms!  We were given a special show, got to pet several cool animals from their Animal Connection, had a wonderful brunch, and got to feed the dolphins.

They boys loved every minute of it!

They even had the penguins out for a limbo contest. HA!

It was a fun day with Quick Queue passes, all day dining passes, and special treatment to meet the cast of Azul. 

Azul is my favorite show bar none!

This time we made sure that we were able to see the ski show.  During it, Dylan turned to me and said, “I want to date one of those girls!”. HA! Holy cow it was so funny.  So I made sure he got to pick one to meet and get a photo op.  He was so excited!

We spent time everywhere!  We had a blast at the Lost Lagoon, rode a crazy number of rides since we got to cut to the front with our Quick Queue passes, and ate until we were so full we rolled into the car.

  Life is Sweet as a blogger!

One thought on “Wildside Bloggers in Sea World at San Antonio

  1. what a fun time for sure!!! you guys totally scored!
    can't believe how big and handsome your boys are getting!!

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