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A Peek at My Techy Family

Chevy Malibu is Perfecft for my Techy Family from Laurie Turk on Vimeo.

This is the last video that I did for Chevy.  Honestly, I had SO much fun making them.  I’m no Spielberg or anything but man it’s fun to make fun of yourself!  {{evil laugh}}

As I get closer to 40 I find that I’m really quite ridiculous and I think it’s hysterical!

I was supposed to show off the USB port for your iPod but um… I thought it would be more fun to poke fun at how techy my family is and how we utilize ALL FOUR of the charging stations in the car.  I mean, really what other family would use all of them at once.  {{bwaahaa!}}

So I hope you enjoy my little white and nerdy video.  This was all done in one take as the boys did a great job playing along.

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