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The Christmas Gag Gift Party

Every year one of my fabulous friends hosts an adult only Christmas Gag Gift Party. It’s one of my favorite nights of the year!
This year the runner up for the best White Elephant gift was larger than life size stand up poster.  I’m quite sure that this is going to pop up at all kinds of places throughout the next year.  I was bummed that I didn’t get it as I had all kinds of plans for it.  {{evil laugh}}

Chanda made this hysterical vinyl lettering tile, “HOME Where The HO & ME Come Together”.  {{bwaahaa!!}}  Holy Crap that’s so funny.

This year, there’s been a long-running inside joke about the “panis”. Therefore, Lisa D made a panis reducer complete with suspenders. It was hysterical.
Urban Definition:  Medical term for fat that hangs over the waist line “like a separate entity”.

Lucky us, we ended up with the Luggable Loo and His and Her’s portable urinals.  Yep, we were stoked.  {{said sarcastically}}

I don’t have a picture of the winning gag gift because I was the lucky duck who opened it up.  There is a video of it which I’m quite sure will pop up at some point.  Yep, sadly it’s a blackmail video.
Let me set the scene:
I pick a gift and I realize it’s a little wet at the bottom which I thought was really weird.  I open up the card and it was a gift card to Red Lobster.  Cool!  I thought I hit the jackpot as I’m a practical girl and I was thinking “date night”.  At any rate, I open up the box and something MOVED inside it!
{{Hysterical Scream!}}
I’m thinking it’s a snake and it’s going to slither out of the box!

{{More hysterical screaming and trying to find a way out of the room.}}

Mike thinks this is hillarious and brings the box to me to get a picture of me in my terrified state.
{{I’m still thinking it’s a snake – so at this point I’m starting to get MAD.}} 
Then I hear the word “lobster” and I settle down.  I look inside the box and there’s a plastic bag inside filled with water.  So the lobster was mostly covered up and when it moves, it’s movements get exaggerated by the water.  That’s why I thought it was a snake.  
So yes, the winning gag gift was a LIVE lobster with a $25 gift card to Red Lobster.
Turns out the jokes on me.  I didn’t even end up with it when the night was through.  Dadgum It.  So all I did was fueled hysterical laughing and inside jokes at my expense for years to come. {{oh joy}}
All said and done the party was crazy fun and we had a great time!  
I hope this posts gives you some cool white elephant gift ideas – but um – leave the live animals at the store.  {{wink}}

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