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Holi Powder War ~ aka Billy’s Mystery Baseball Party

{Our Before Picture}
Over the weekend Lisa {my sister} threw her man a mystery baseball birthday party.  When we were brainstorming themes I quickly remembered the Holi Powder party  I featured from Jordan’s blog in 2007.  I’ve been dying to do it since the day I read about her outrageous party!
{We warned each guest in the invite to wear grubby clothes and old shoes.}
After discovering that we wouldn’t be able to buy the Holi Powder in bulk, we decided to use it to play baseball.  This way it would last a little longer and we would all be engaged in a fun game.
Where did we get the holi powder? 
Lisa purchased twenty four 7oz packages from Bombay Bazzaar in Arlington. She negotiated the price of $2 a package. In your area, Google “india store” and then call around asking if they sell “holi powder”.
It was perfect since all our men have been on the same softball team for years and the season just started. 
How did we play? 
Lisa pored small amounts of the holi powder in a square of fabric and then tied it together with yarn the morning of the game.  During the game she grabbed a fabric pouch and then inserted it into a wiffle ball and untied the yarn, so it would explode the powder on impact.
Where did we play?
Um…. we found a flat spot in my green belt and set up the game.  {my poor neighbors, HA!}
How Did We Make the Shirts?
We made ‘Team Billy’ t-shirts using iron on printable transfer paper from Michaels. {$10 for 10 sheets}  It came with software instructions, so the design was easy to make.  
In the middle of the bullseye is Billy’s face!  {snicker}  We wanted everyone in white so the pictures would be uber fab!  Also, we didn’t want to ruin anyone’s clothes.
Tip:  The holi powder goes through at least 3 layers of clothing.  Do not wear your favorite bra!  {just sayin’}
It was such an easy party to plan.  Lisa hired a professional photographer to take pictures of the game so we could all sit back and just have fun.  It was worth every penny!   The photographer did such an amazing job and edited the pictures so beautifully.  Now we’ll remember this day forever!

How To Tag People Out?
 To get a player OUT at each base, the baseman had to have the wiffle ball in their hand AND tag the other team member in the bullseye with their bottle of holi powder.  
We bought the clear empty ketchup bottles from Walmart.  One package filled the bottle to the top.  I made little fabric holsters for each base.  However, it didn’t end up being necessary.  It was better to have the bottle in your hand ready to go. {wink}
Instead of being graceful and a productive team member, I missed the ball and it beamed me right in the forehead.  {“L” on forehead with a big red dot!} I suck.
When it was time for our giant color fight, Jason took me aside to give me some pointers.  Yep, my man had my back!  {he knows I need it. snicker}
Then it was on!  Every man/woman for themselves.
 With bags of powder in hand we just went to town throwing handfuls of powder at each other!
 Lisa and the Birthday Boy
Billy got the brunt of it.  {bwaahaa!}
This is my favorite picture of the day.  Happy Birthday Billy!
{Our After Picture}
Party Favors ~ Big League Chew
I didn’t get a picture of the party favor.  But I cut out blue paper the length of the big league chew.  Then printed the “team billy” image small {from the tshirt graphic} onto white paper.  Fold the blue paper in half (1/2 on front and 1/2 on back of gum) and put the “team billy” on top of the blue paper and I stapled it onto Big League chew on the black line of the graphic {under team billy}.  It was so simple. Jason actually made them all. 
Thanks Lisa!  It was the most amazing day and one I’ll never forget.  I swear I have the best sister on the planet.

8 thoughts on “Holi Powder War ~ aka Billy’s Mystery Baseball Party

  1. Oh my goodness! What a FUN party to say the least! You all look like you had a great time! What wonderful ideas! You pulled off a great party. Happy bday Billy! -diana

  2. This is one of the coolest parties I have seen in a long time!! It's always fun to see adults having fun like kids.

  3. Just ordered my Holi powder from Amazon to organize a party for our Community Group from church…this is gonna be awesome!!!

  4. My husband's 30th is coming up…I saw this when you posted it and have kept it in my mind for his party. Cannot wait!

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