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Bosch Kitchen Re-Engineered event

There are a few perks to my day job and one of them is that on occasion I get invited to blogger outreach events from brands.  I had the coolest opportunity to fly out to Scottsdale, Arizona to attend Bosch Kitchen Re-Engineered event.

This isn’t the Arizona I lived in as a kid. Holy Smokes!  The hotel was an oasis in the dessert and I felt like I was at a tropical destination the entire weekend.

To be honest, I didn’t know much about Bosch before I attended the event.  The first time I heard the brand name was at my friend Diana’s house.  So you can imagine how blown away I was at the technology and attention to detail in each of their products.

Convection Cooking

With convection cooking ~ you can cook salmon, asparagus, and cookies in 12 minutes at the same time!

Those of you who know me well, know that I hate to cook.  However, when I do rest assured that it’s the most efficient way possible.  So my absolute favorite appliace is their convection oven.  Wondering what Convection cooking is?  Well, I hooked you up with a video and more info over on Tip Junkie. {of course}


Manfred, one of their engineers, showed us the ins and outs of their kitchen appliances.  We totally bonded over how fresh their refrigerator keeps their produce and herbs. {snicker}  We tried 7 day old fruit from a Bosch fridge and saw 7 day old fruit from their competitors fridge.  Let’s just say… there wasn’t any comparison.  The Bosch refrigerator clearly kept all the produce edible and the other did not.

I absolutely LOVE this refrigerator.  It’s a bute!  Bosch has taken great care in designing specific heating and cooling elements so that the front door doesn’t accumulate condensation, so that your produce lasts for 7 days {or more}, and that it’s uber quiet and energy efficient.

Induction Stovetop

I was amazed at their stove top induction ranges and how nothing else gets hot on the stove but the actual circle plate.  Not only for efficiency but also for safety.  What is an induction stovetop?
An induction cooker is faster and more energy-efficient than a traditional electric hob. It allows instant control of cooking energy similar to gas burners. Because induction heats the cooking vessel itself, the possibility of burn injury is significantly less than with other methods…  via Wikipedia

Bosch uses magnets baby!  So you can even put down a paper towel in between the pan and the induction stove top and the paper towel won’t burn.  {dude}  Here’s the video of it because you truly have to see to believe.  Well, at least I did.  HA!

They also have  nifty gadgets like a pop out ventilation to clean the air and protect your kitchen. I swear they’ve thought of everything.

Thanks Bosch!  I feel like I’m armed with knowledge that’s so important as a busy mom always on the go.  When you know better – you do better!  Of course now I have Bosch Envy… {sigh}

Wondering What Else We Learned?

Here are other great recaps of the event that will give you better insight to the amazing hands on experiments that we did as well as yummy recipes with this fabulous Germain engineering.

I still have the Bosch Engineer e-mail address {evil laugh} so if you have any additional questions feel free leave them in the comments or on the Tip Junkie Facebook page. I’ll be happy to get your questions answered for ya!

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