Mother of Boys

Cuttin’ Up ~ It’s A Boy Thing

I was hired to provide some printables for the Real California Milk company and  Amanda and Brieanna did such an amazing job that I wanted to provide some pictures to go with the article of them in action.

Pictures tell the story so much better than print screens of document, don’t you think?  I’ve been working on my photography and editing skills lately.  Boy do I have so much to learn. It’s overwhelming.  {sigh}

It was early in the morning and my boys were so gracious to do their part for mom’s job.  As you can tell… they take their job very seriously.  {snicker}

Even Drake took one for the team as he let me take pictures of him at school!  He was really sweet about it.  Don’t let the smile fool you ~ this little man is NOT a morning person.  So you can imagine how surprised I was that he was so cooperative and happy during the shoot.

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