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11 Year Old Scout Camp

Drake is now officially a Boy Scout. I’ll be honest, after 10 years of consecutive Pinewood Derby’s, Blue and Gold banquets, and pack meetings this feels grown up.  {snicker}   I get to graduate from chaperoning Cub Scout camp to my last gig as an 11 year old Scout Camp volunteer.  In comparison to Cub Scout Camp ~ this is a cake walk!

glutathione supplement11 Year Old Scout Camp

After a total of 2 hours prep, I arrived with my first aid lesson and fun times ahead.  I won’t lie ~ it was strange to walk in the unknown, not fully prepared, but full of confidence that I…

a.  Could handle it.

b.  Had probably already experienced it.

Since Drake is my third, and last son I guess all the years are finally sinking in and I’m able to enjoy the craziness Scouts bring.  My older two have taught me how to embrace the chaos.  Which I most certainly have.

Water Bottle Game Shoe Relay for Boys

Water Bottle Relay Race

I was only there a few hours but my favorite part of 11 Year Old Scout Camp was the water bottle relay race which I explained how to play in my craft room over on Tip Junkie.  I wanted to post it in a place where I could quickly find it later.


My first aid lesson on severe cuts was easy and turned out great.  I got some great advice to do a demonstration, show a video, and then a relay race so the boys can practice.  It worked like a charm.

I handed out red vines licorice as tourniquets for rewards.  So hello?!? Of course they were happy.  {evil laugh}

I was also impressed with the PVC team flags and their holders.  Genius.

Thank you sweet boy for allowing me to be a Scout volunteer one last time.  It’s been quite the ride.  I ended my time with such a fun day and enjoyed every minute spying on you with your friends.  I adore you, son!

I now officially pass on the torch to your Dad.  {sniff sniff}

Don’t worry, I’ll still be in charge of your blue cards and will eagerly await to help you with your Eagle Project. Until then I will have to be at peace that this stage of my life is over.

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