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Name Board w/ Overlay

I made this name board (btw: Turk is my last name) and I decided to frame it in molding instead of doing it on a regular 2 x 4 board. (It’s big, the picture is decieving.)

How to Make:

1. Design the vinyl lettering. You can choose the color, font, and size.
* “Turk” is all caps, black vinyl, in 5” lettering. I can’t remember the font, sorry.
* “love one another” – all lower case, white vinyl, Marine Regular font, in 2” lettering

2. Cut the plywood or board. Measure the lettering and be sure to allow lots of space all around.
* If you’re going to glue on molding, measure the width of the molding first and be sure to add that width to the board.

3. Cut the molding. (You don’t have to use molding. See here for some examples. Click the small picture to enlarge.)

4. Paint the board. I painted it a red. Next I painted on a stain and quickly wiped it off giving it a deaper tone.

5. Frame: Next I used gorilla glue to glue the molding together like frame. Once dry, I calked the corners and then painted it black. I used the gorilla glue again to glue the molding right onto the board. Since my board was the same size as the molding, I just aligned it. (You can use any kind of glue – I was just told that gorilla glue would work. FYI: I had to clamp it down for it to dry together.)

6. I rubbed on the lettering. Done!

For my next project, I’m going to make name boards (similar to the one above) with each of my boys name on them with “Child of God” as the overlay. I’m going to match the colors in the boys room and hang it above their door as you walk in. I’m very excited about it and in fact several of my girlfriends are going to do it with me. I love group projects – it makes the journey more fun.

For more vinyl lettering ideas for around the home and gift ideas, click here.

5 thoughts on “Name Board w/ Overlay

  1. I just love these boards! I would love to get together with you when I get home from UT (end of July).

    Julianne 😉

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