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…my sister’s blog! Lisa finally got her blog up. I thought she was funny in person, but she’s freaknhilarious on her blog! This is the picture she posted on her Top 10 reason’s he doesn’t have kids.

You’ll notice that my sister and I are very different. She’s sarcastic, funny, athletic, tall, blond, loves food, a personal trainer, and has been married for 3 years. I’m serious, crafty, brunette, short, hate to eat and cook food, refuse to work out, a homemaker for 9 years, married 11. I’ll tell you a secret that only she knows, I wish I had her personality. She’s wet your pants laughing so hard funny! I’m glad I bullied her into blogging. Enjoy!

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  1. I am not sure how I found your blog.. maybe you commented on Donna’s.. anyway.. I enjoy reading your blog.. and your tips too.. you make shrinky dinks look cool.. I am up late tonight and just updated my blog a bit.. anyway.. I look forward to reading more!

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