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Flower Clips

I totally got the project bug yesterday but wanted to do something fast. So, I made cute flower clips for several of my girlfriends daughters. Originally I was going to invite them over so we could do it together but… I decided that might be too much mother/daughter time and it would most likely break my heart knowing I will never have that experience. So I created my own experience and did it myself!

It’s so easy, simply cut off the end of the flower so it’s flat, slip felt in between the clip, then glue the felt onto the flower. TIP: Be sure to pick flowers that lay completely flat. If they don’t it won’t look good in your hair because you’ll see the clip.

Here’s all my creations! I hope the girls like them.

Kaitlyn came over and I gave her the flowers I made for her. Doesn’t it look great!

I had to try one on Drake. He LOVED it!

9 thoughts on “Flower Clips

  1. Those are so cute! I LOVE bows and clippies for my girls hair… I am definitely going to try these. Thanks!

  2. too totally cute.

    Drake… don’t worry, I put bows on Carson’s head and he is still a total “dude” 🙂

  3. Hey! I have a tip for you! (Totally unrelated to this post…I have boys too…)

    My boys love this. Saturday’s we make pancakes or waffles for breakfast. We make the pancake batter a little runny, and then use a turkey baster to make the pancakes. You can make perfect little circle’s or really cute shapes. My boys love it.
    That’s the only tip I have. Oh, and don’t spit into the wind.

    Good luck with your new website! Looks great!

  4. I love it! I’m going to the store and getting me the stuff so I make some. You are so creative girl.

  5. What a great idea! You can never find cute flower hair clips! I will have to try that…. too bad I’m not very crafty! 🙁 Mine will end up probably all glue and no flower…

  6. If you ever get that girly bug thing again… let me know – because I need help in that department!!

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