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How do you warm up your home?

So my sister is building her first house in College Station, TX. Yeah!! (This picture has the same elevation her house will have). Since it’s her first home she doesn’t have a lot of furniture or decor so I’ve been giving her my advice on how to “warm” up her house. I think that the cheapest and easiest way to warm up a house is with wall color, greenery, and rugs. What do you think?

4 thoughts on “How do you warm up your home?

  1. Absolutely! My husband does interiors and I am amazed at what a difference the right color pallete can make!

  2. Hey, Laurie! Love your blog and all your tips, pictures and ideas! Keep them coming!

  3. good lighting is also really important.

    Check out Design Star on Hgtv. Really good decorating tips. (of course, I know that you are the queen! 🙂

  4. I think the quickest way to warm up a house is the window treatments. My last house I took forever deciding what to do and never got around to anything in the formal, what a mistake. This house I did the whole downstairs the month I moved in and it is so much better.

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