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The Love, The Love, The Love

WOW! Thank you guys so much for all your compliments and words of encouragement. I posted those stories to inspire others, but you’ve most certainly done that for me. I’m completely overwhelmed. Thank You!
It has been such an amazing experience reading your blogs and getting to know you guys. We as women have so much spirit and influence in this world. It’s great to have a way to unite and support each other. Your the Best! Enjoy your “Blog Jogging!” (Rochelle coined that phrase and I love it!)

3 thoughts on “The Love, The Love, The Love

  1. Agreed! I feel like all I have to do is get on blogs and I have some friends during the day, or nights–you know, whenever I get a free moment to myself! 🙂 Blogging is truely a world in itself and I am so glad I have found it and some new friends along the way! 🙂

  2. I love that pic! You are so beautiful and your boys are just so cute! Believe me, pnk gets a little old… 🙂 Some more blue in my life would be nice!

  3. Such a cute picture Laurie! I love reading your blog and seeing what amazing, fun think you’re up to for that day! This blogging thing is such a great little support group – and you don’t even know it half that time who you’re supporting! Which is fun!

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