Love and Logic Tip #10

Gotta love a rainy summer where you can’t go outside or to the pool to get out all that engergy. Love and Logic Tip #10 – When to Step In/When to Stay Out of Kids’ Problems. Davis chose to dump out all his Legos and Bionicle bins. Can you guess what I chose to do?

Unlike Mom, Drake decided he would help pick up.

All this fuss for this boat. It’s a pretty cool boat, I hope it was worth it. “Rain, Rain, Go Away! Give us Texan mom’s a break today!”

5 thoughts on “Love and Logic Tip #10

  1. YES! PLEASE PLEASE go away, rain!

    If I weren’t leaving this weekend (for 3 weeks!), I’d start cracking up. Ok, I already have.

    Who would have thought that we would be escaping the RAIN in Texas and not the heat in July? UGH!

  2. ha ha ha!

    That is almost exactly what my boy’s room looks like.

    I am a little sick of the rain, but I have to say it is nice that it is not 105 degrees.

  3. My sister Stephanie has a link to your blog and I absolutely love it! I appreciated this picture you put on the blog. It’s an all too familiar scene at my house, but to know our “tip junkie” with the “executive homemaker” site would also tolerate such a scene (for a little while anyway) is quite refreshing! Thanks for your honesty and great info. You make me love being a 41 yr. old stay-home-mom of four!

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