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My Friday Off

As some of my friends know, I try to take Fridays off. No housework, no taxiing around town, no cooking. I usually hang out in the media room and watch movies all day but today my man had the day off as well. So, I got to sleep in, he bought me Chipotle for lunch, and we started designing the Tip Junkie blog. I had hoped we’d finish it by this afternoon but of course we’re having ASP script problems. The “Tip of the Day” will be up shortly.

Basically, with Tip Junkie you can put the “Tip of the Day” blog button on your site which will automatically display a new tip every day! YEAH! I had the idea a week ago and have been so excited about it ever since. Hopefully you’ll LOVE it as much as I will. If you have a great tip idea you can submit your blog post to Tip Junkie and have it featured. I’m hoping it will be a fun place people can be inspired and have fun along the way.
I got carried away and changed my blog header. Do you like it? To me she looks like she’s day dreaming about how to simplify her life and how to enjoy the little things.

8 thoughts on “My Friday Off

  1. Love the new header. I need to make my blog more personalized. Very cute! Awesome idea about the tip blog button. It’ll go on mine if I can figure out how to do it- I’m kinda computer retarded.

  2. Super cute, girl! I’m excited to see the tip junky.

    Now, off to bed for me! I’m EXHAUSTED from getting ready for bookclub tomorrow and I still have MUCH more to do tomorrow. 😉

  3. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog because it led me to your cute blog! I love tips too! I’m excited for the “tip junky” to be up and running.

  4. Ok i love your new header. Tip Junky blog is way cool. I wish i was tha crafty. But i am so not. We are moving into our new home very soon! So this week i will be packing, packing and packing. ! I hope you have a wonderful weekend 🙂

  5. I love the tip junky! I am using your idea for the birthday cd for my SIL’s b-day. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas with us.

  6. Paige – I try to get everything done before Friday. That way I can relax, watch movies, or read (while playing w/ Drake at my feet) and my oldest boys will play in Davis’ room. (Usually legos and Bionicles.

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