Mother of Boys

Surfs Up!

I’ve been planning this picture since I bought these swim trunks back in April. Yeah!

I just had this done at Sears b/c it’s easy. The photographer was very fast. She went from one pose to the next quickly and had a lot of energy. I do wish she had waited for Drake (baby) to smile a little better but it worked and we were done in 10 minutes w/o any crying from the boys or from me. ;-}

This is Lisa’s (my sister’s) favorite picture!

7 thoughts on “Surfs Up!

  1. love them. i especially like the third one… i love it when the boys show affection for one another. those are always my favorites of my boys!

  2. I agree the third is just precious! How do you get your kids to be good for pictures? Mine just don’t have the patience for me to get a good shoot unless they are in a park or something, and then it’s more candids than anything.

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