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Shrinky Dink Addiction

So my girlfriend is getting all ready for girls camp and she was telling me all about her theme. It’s Camp Belle’s and their motto is “Be M! M! Good.” So brilliant! Anyway, I couldn’t help myself and volunteered to make all her girls shrinky dink necklaces. So, that’s what I did today was make 24 of these awesome necklaces.

Ok, I also went grocery shopping, cleaned out the fridge, and made other necklases too. See Tip Junkie for those cute ideas.

As Christmas presents for some of my girlfriends, I made Pride & Prejudice pendant necklases using shrinky dinks. They eneded up wearing them on their Jane Austen tour of England. Yeah! You can print out the images for the neckalce and the bracelet here.

6 thoughts on “Shrinky Dink Addiction

  1. ok i need to know where you buy the shrinky dink plastic? My daughters preschool dod the cutest keychains for mothers day, trace kids hand, let them color it, and then shrink and then bead it on ribbon with kid plastic beads! really cute but i have broken all but 1 finger on it! I want a new one from her, and for all of my other kids. So where do you buy the supplies? please do tell! Fun camp belles cans! so cute!

  2. Crazymamaof6, I got the shrinky dink paper from Michaels in the kids craft section. What a great Mother’s Day keychain idea. I hope the last finger left isn’t the middle one. ;-}

  3. the last finger is the pinky, the first broken was the middle, and the others broke at some point in my purse! Thanks for the tip on where to buy shrinky dink paper! I’m so excited, I’ll have six little hands, maybe I’ll make a necklace instead of the key chain again! love your blog! great tips and ideas, makes me want to be crafty more often.

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