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Vacation Bible School

My kids are LOVING vacation bible school! Here is an easy activity to do with your kiddos. Blow up a balloon with a penny inside. If you move the balloon in a circular motion it spins inside the balloon, displaying centrifugal force. If you can’t explain the science, do it anyway it’s a blast!

Dish Soap and Pepper Object Lesson

When Dylan got home from VBS (Vacation Bible School) today he asked me to fill a bowl with water, pour in some pepper, and then squirt in a little dish soap. (The pepper was repelled by the soap.) He said that God is just like the dish soap and when you follow him evil can’t be around you.

Salt, Pepper, and a Spoon

Davis was not to be out done by his younger brother and filled a saucer will salt. He then sprinkled a bunch of pepper on the top. Took the spoon and rubbed it in his hair and then over the salt and pepper. (The pepper attaches itself to the spoon.) Davis told me that the pepper represents our sins and the spoon represents God. God takes away our sins.

Star Wars Religion

Last week Dylan told me that Star Wars was just like the gospel. It has good and bad in it and Darth Vader was like the devil. 🙂

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