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Slip and Slide ‘n Away

The pool’s closed and it’s 90 something degrees so, out comes the slip ‘n slide! The boys had so much fun and Drake (15 months) couldn’t get enough.

Davis’ turn! I think it’s so funny that Drake won’t eat bread, crackers, banana’s, apple juice, etc – but he’ll eat mulch, gravel, and drink from the slip ‘n slide. Hmmm?

The boys have resorted to playing UNDER the trampoline! Yes, Drake’s in his birthday suit. He got so wet and his diaper swelled up it was easier to just stripped him down.

2 thoughts on “Slip and Slide ‘n Away

  1. SO fun! We haven’t pulled the sprinkler out much, yet, because of our activities outside the house. The girls have their zoo camp in the afternoon this week, so it’s harder to do things at home. NEXT week.

    It just got so hot SO quickly!!!

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