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What a Week!

So my boys finally found out about Webkinz. Katri not only has an influence on me, her daugther has one on my kids. ;-} They love it and it was such a bonding moment for us when we went to buy them.

I hosted movie night on Wednesday and I finally watched “Gone with the Wind”. I know there are some seriously devoted fans out there, so don’t mind me. It’s probably one of those movies that’s better seen when you’re young and you don’t understand the plot. In my opinin, Clark Gabel was way too old for the part and it kinda creeped me out. Was it typical for so many people to die from falling of a horse at that time!?! However, so you don’t completely blacklist my blog, I did think that for a movie made in the ’30s, it’s very well made, well acted, and the visual effects were impressive. I did enjoy the action sequences. ;-}

Just so you know how ill-bread I am. I had lunch with Julie on Thursday and then I went and saw Live Free or Die Hard. I thought it was great. It had a good mix of action and humor. Gotta love a good action flick.

Drake fell asleep at dinner today. This is how he looks and how I feel!

6 thoughts on “What a Week!

  1. There certainly is some magic that GWTW had for me as a youngster that I am not sure translates to an adult. It will always transport me because of that reason.
    Perhaps watching GWTW as an adult is like what reading Pride & Prejudice as a teenager was… just not the right time.

    So the Bruce Willis movie looks cool. I need to go check it out.

    First I want to take Kenzie to the Nancy Drew Movie….

    Wanna go with?

  2. I still love you.

    I thought watching it with you was really fun, even if you aren’t a rabid fan, like I am. 🙂

  3. Rochelle, Oh Good. I was hoping that I didn’t ruin it for you with all my questions. I enjoyed watching it with you too. It kept me more into the story line. Your trivia rocked too. I’m a sucker for backstories.

  4. I saw the Die Hard flick too and I’m glad we’re heathens together, even if we’re in different cities. I thought it was great. The action was unrealistic, but who wants realistic when you see an action movie? The humor was great and his daughter’s one liners were some of the best.

  5. funny post.. I watched the first die hard.. before my mission I think. I haven’t watched an R rated movie in years.. I am not prejudice against people who do.. there are way worse things then that!
    Gone with the wind.. I haven’ seen that in years.. I hardly remember it, I probably fell asleep, I usually do during movies! It has to be pretty good for me to stay awake!

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