5 Love Languages

I read this book years ago and it changed the way I discipline/reward my kids, reward myself, and even reward my husband. Davis’ love language is gifts. He loves the simplest thing like a sticker, to a new craft, to a new Bionicle. Dylan’s love language is touch. He’s my snuggle bug. If I snuggle with him and watch cartoons for 15 min every morning, he’s a much happier kid. After I read this book I realized how important that was. My honey’s love language is also touch (he he). Enough said. ;-}

My love language is quality time. This has helped me figure out what “fills my cup”. I enjoy going out with the girls, dating my husband, and talking to my friend at lunch. I try to be sure I do those things for myself.

What’s your love language? Click here to take the quiz.

14 thoughts on “5 Love Languages

  1. love this book and this is now our standard gift to newlyweds! mine it totally gifts and quality time. bring me a DR. pepper and i know i am loved. my husband is acts of service and words of affirmation! once i figured that out our relationship has changed immensely for the better. i did get and read the 5 love languages of children and i have to say it was more confusing than the adult one. to figure out my kids. since it stresses the need for all of the love languages for every child to be well rounded. harder to define the major one. for me anyway. i was a tad bummed about that. also fun to figure out in-laws and siblings love languages!i loved this post Laurie! you rock!

  2. hope you are feeling better today! I need to read that book, have heard so much about it.. I am sure my husband’s is touch as well! Too funny!

  3. I feel so behind…lie I missed so much! Looks like a great book! I may need to get my hands on a copy! 🙂

  4. I am not sure how you found my blog, but I am so glad you did. I love your blog and now I will enjoy reading it regularly. So… do you make those adorable flower head bands and sell them? I need one 🙂 Anyway, thanks for popping and the nice comments (who doesn’t love those). Have a great day. I love your thoughts of filling your cup 🙂 Oh and you have an adorable family and house.

  5. mine are tied between acts of service and physical touch. Neat quiz — I need to send it to my hubby!

  6. Laura – I don’t sell the flowers (I just made some for me and my friend’s daughters) but i just found out about a girl that does. Apparently she puts a fabric covered button in the middle of each flower. Talk about cute! As soon as I get her info, I’ll pass it along.

  7. What a great post! You are the second one that has posted about this book, I need to get it! I scored the highest in the words of affirmation!

  8. Laurie, I must confess, I haven’t actually read all of this post yet. But I just wanted a way to say hello and to thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting. I hope you’ll come by often and visit. I’ll be sure to drop in on you from time to time.

    Thanks again and have a wonderful week.

  9. thanks for sharing – I think it’s important to realize these things about ourselves and sometimes we need a little help doing that!

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