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Table for Davis

When my dad’s in town I try to come up with a project for him to do. He’s extremely talented and he likes to be busy. A couple months ago, I asked him to make me a couple tables and he did a great job! I finally painted the one for Davis’ room blue.

Here’s the before shot. It was really easy to make. My dad used a piece of left over shelving (ply wood), screwed on legs that we bought at Home Depot, and he finished it off with some molding.

I calked it and spray painted it blue. Not an hour later, Davis used packing tape to tape his Bionicles in place. Geez. (The note on the floor said, “Do not touch”.) Looking on the bright side, at least he didn’t use duct tape.

I still need to paint the one my dad made for My Loving Family doll house. I’m going to paint it black. I had him put the molding higher on this table so the doll house couldn’t be pushed off. (There isn’t any molding on the back.) It’s now at the perfect height for optimal playing!

Yes, even though I have all boys I do have a doll house and a kitchen. They’re in my guest room that one day will be pink toile with back accents and furniture. It’s the only chance I’ll have to decorate a pink room. Turns out the boys play in there all the time. I’m constantly having to “clean house” in there.

11 thoughts on “Table for Davis

  1. PS If Davis would like to read Alex’s comments on Fernak you can see his blog at controlledbyplankton.blogspot.com 🙂

  2. What a neat simple idea to make a table. I can so relate to the boy thing. I have 3 boys too and they can zap the girl right out of you if you’re not careful. Great doll house. I don’t have a doll house but I have a pink phone.:)

  3. Wow! Don’t you love having talented people in the family. My hubby is very talented and likes to work with his hands and has made many wonderful things. I love the tables your dad made! They turned out great. Too cute that you own a dollhouse and a kitchen! What a cute idea. I now need a table for my daughter’s dollhouse too!

  4. I love that you are embracing some femininity with the dollhouse and kitchen! You have to cling to what you can in a house dominated by men! The tables sounds so simple but looks quite exquisite!

  5. Those tables look awesome!! Your dad is very talented & how fun that you have all the girly stuff.

  6. i need a table for our doll house too! so cute! and at least Davis was excited about his new table! pretty awesome tables! i look at teh table legs at home depot and think of all the great things i could make but never do! you actually act on those thoughts! i am truly inspired! you ROCK!

  7. Found your blog through my sisters comments and have so enjoyed reading your posts today! Love that vibrant BLUE! I too am a mother to 3 boys and am a SAHM that teaches people how to paint.
    Have a blessed Thursday!
    PS I’d love to add your blog and executivewomen link to my blog if you don’t mind?

  8. It’s wonderful to have a Handy Dad! Glad you manage to work in some “girly” around your house–it’s a necessity isn’t it??

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