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This might be a silly post, but I’m looking for more towel decor ideas. Here’s what Ihave in my house so far. I have one more bathroom to do something creative in and I need some suggestions. So my question to you is, “How do you hang your decorative towels?”

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  1. I do I do!!! I just bought a cute wrought iron wall hanging thing…it’s black and I bought towels that say, “Be our Guest” (white with black cute writing)…I’ll try to take a pic of it and post it for you….your other bathrooms look great!

  2. OH my! You hang your towels so cute. I wish I could help. But I just hang my the normal and boring way 🙂

  3. I don’t think you need any help, girl! They look rad! I’m with Donna…same boring way…maybe someday when my hubby is a RICH lawyer (ha) and not a poor just starting out lawyer (heehee)!

  4. I too hang mine the normal and boring way, but look at you go! I had no idea of all that fancy stuff- looks great!

  5. I just hand them for now–since my bathroom is one of the scarier rooms in this old house–but someday I hope to have them as cute as yours–my husband would LOVE your cowboy one–he served his mission in Dallas so he loves Texas!

  6. I also love the wrought iron towel hanger. It is so cute. I dont have anything cute holding my towels. I just dont have the knack of decorating. Your bathrooms look so cute. I did find some cute dinosaur towel hangers at PB kids.

  7. fancy! i have flowers in my bathroom, so I hang mine towels, tie with a bow or just ribbon and then hung a flower swag over it and tied it on. then on the single hand towel,I hung it upside down, actually used a hair rubber band and then clipped a flower clip on to it. totally cute! i had fuchsia towels and bright flowers that i got in the floral dept. at Walmart. i might have to recreate it for you. it was at my last house. and i never took pictures. love this post!

  8. I love the towels, but I really just want you to call me (jules from Katy, now in Chicago)!! I have a new cell phone and I didn’t transfer contact numbers. It’s the same phone number. Hope to hear from you soon.

  9. It doesn’t look like you need any advice on how to hang towels. Yours look awesome! I need your help badly :D. Cute pics. I wish my towels were hanging like yours 😀

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