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We’re All Tied Up at the Moment

My kids are addicted to string! A ball of yarn equal hours of play here at the Turk house. They’ve just added a new element to the string games, it’s call the “Yank and Laugh!” Tie yarn to Drake’s binkie and as you can imagine the tricks were endless. I will say Drake was a trooper, he loved it!

Fun with the string usually ends with my upstairs turned into one big spider web. Their favorite thing to do is to tie toys onto it and dangle it from the banister.

Dylan’s new thing is giving Drake piggie-back rides. It’s so cute!!

Here’s Davis with is latest K-nex design, a race car with a working motor! He was so proud and he asked me to take his picture. He then told me that I can put it on my site so my friends can see it. (Too funny!!)

12 thoughts on “We’re All Tied Up at the Moment

  1. So funny! You’re such a great mom–I would go mad with all that sting in my house! Love the binkie game!!!

  2. So funny- Julia loves to tie string to EVERYTHING and dangles things from our stairs as well (usually stuffed animals or Woody from Toy Story are the victims)…and J LOVES string (although he stims with it; not appropriate ;(….at least I know I’m not the only one with spider webs everywhere.

  3. yank and laugh.. cracks me up! it is so fun when kids find the simplest things to entertain themselves!
    love that Knex car Davis made.. that is awesome! I love his name.. that is my maiden name.. and now my middle name..
    my kids always are like.. heh mom take a picture of this for your blog.. fun how they get into it too!

  4. String…huh? I will have to dig some up. I will try just about anything to get a minute or two (Ha!) Just kidding- Well, Sort of!

    I don’t know why we feel we have to buy tons of toys! K. walks around and plays with those pull out “things” in magazines for hours!

    It’s funny that Davis wanted you to take a picture. Kids pick up on everything! I pull out the camera and K starts saying “Cheese”- Poor Kid!

  5. way to go Davis! that is a cool car!

    you are a way nicer mom than me! string makes me crazy! my kids try to do that stuff with my ribbon for bows and i always lose it! my kids all have their own blogs now and want me to post stuff on ’em for them. they think it is pretty great.

  6. How fun! We’ve never done this, but we get so desperate for ideas in the heat of the summer. 🙂 cute pics!!!

  7. I one time did a sharing time where I made a string maze around the whole primary room with a prize for everyone in the Primary at the end. It had something to do with following the Spirit and eternal life. It was really fun. I should do the same thing for FHE one of these nights.

  8. Very cute pictures! You are a totally fun mom. Kinex are great. We love them at our house too. Even I will get into them. Looks like you are enjoying the summer.

  9. Girl, our boys are so much alike. My kids string mazes are usually “traps” to catch bad guys.

    I was just going through my pix and found Brax with a huge Knex robot, I should post it on my blog!

  10. I wish my boys could come over for a playdate! They love string too…and I think it’s cute that your son wanted to be posted. My kids always ask when I take their photo, “Is it going on the blog?” It’s the ultimate compliment to be ONLINE!

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