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Christmas in July

Instead of taking the boys to a museum or the movies and spending tons of cash on a one time experience, I decided the money would be better spent on some new toys they’ll enjoy daily. Well, our shopping trip to Toys R Us was a success and well deserved after the 4 hours of running errands. (Thank goodness I had my sister with me, or I would not have made it in a happy mood.)

Drake is almost 16 months old and still does NOT wake up happy. I’ll admit, it’s pretty much driving me to a nervous break down starting my morning with him screaming every day! Since I’m pretty much desperate at this point, I bought a bunch of toys for Drake’s crib. I’m hoping this ends my misery. I’m also planning on putting him in there a couple times during the day just to play. What do you think? Have any of you had this problem?

D1 and D2 decided they wanted Ben10 toys. Which I was so excited about because that will complete our “set”. You guys don’t know this about me yet, but I’m a toy fanatic! I love buying toys. With the first two boys I would sit for hours and play with them. It was really helpful for Davis because I would teach him how to play with a friend and his brother while we were playing. (Poor lil‘ Drake will not have that pleasure. 🙂 I’ve finally grown out of my playing with toys stage but thankfully he has his brothers.)

What started out as a $10 each trip ended up to be more because they bought what I wanted them too. Do you do that? Anyway, I love to buy toys in sets. It makes storing, cleaning, and purchasing so much easier. This way there’s a bin for every “set” and we don’t have any stragglers or misc. toy bin. I LOVE it! That’s one thing I get from my mom. She did that but she did it in every aspect of her life. Anyway, moving on.

10 thoughts on “Christmas in July

  1. My oldest was the worst at waking up grumpy. Sad to admit, it didn’t improve until he graduated from his crib to a “big boy bed.” But, after that, he was and has continued to be a delight.

  2. Your baby’s crib looks like tons of fun I am betting he wakes up happy..I am really the opposite… I am not a fan of toys.. and I hate to buy them… and love to throw them away. I grew up w/out a lot of toys.. infact.. I don’t remember any toys.. I do remember getting a toy jewlrey set, but it got lost.. anyway. I grew up in the country and played outside.. climbing trees, playing with my siblings.. I am a fairly organized person and hate the mess and clutter of all that toys bring.. I do have tons of bins full of my sorted toys.. but they tend to just sit there.. I think my kids get along better with a lot less. I am not trying to be contrary.. it’s just my 2cents..

  3. I have the same- sad waker- with Drew…he is my child of surprises (has done everything differently than the other 2; actually they are all 3 very different from each other)…I can’t stand that he wakes up screaming every time. Yesterday I heard him giggling when he woke up and COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! (and he’s 14 months) But he has NO toys in his crib- that could explain it…I’m taking your idea and running with it! I’ll let you know how it goes (cross your fingers for me!)

  4. Oh that is never fun, when baby wakes up grumpy!!!!

    What fun new toys. I know they all will have a lot of happy tomes plying with the toys!

  5. I think I want to be in your family! That is a great idea. For what I dropped at Chuck E Cheeses today, I could have bought some cool toys. Great idea!

  6. Wow…you’re a great mom! Your kids are lucky to have a mom who actually enjoys their toys! 🙂

    By the way, putting your baby in the crib just to play seems like a good idea; that way, there are less negative vibes connected to it. 🙂

  7. Hopefully the crib thing works for you–good luck! I love to buy in sets as well, we have like a million rescue heroes and all of the TMNT! I too love toys–my husband loves them more so yeah, we have millions of toys–this Christmas in July thing is a great idea! 🙂

  8. WHat a blast for your kids! I hope the toys help Drake…I’m sorry I don’t have any ideas. I agree that it is better to get things in sets, or at least with the intention of completing the set in the near future. That way your not storing a ton of random things.

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