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A Fun Creative Day

I’m so lucky to have my sister, Lisa, staying with me again this week. She’s a reading fanatic these days and was using a check I gave her as a book mark. Shameful! Not in my house! So I made her a black, red, and white bookmark. I decided to make me a pink and green one. You can never have too many.

My friend Lisa (I know a lot of Lisa’s) came over to work on our card swap and since I was on a roll, made her a teal and pink bookmark as well. (Doesn’t it POP with that teal book.)

Here’s the full view. Click here for more pictures and directions on how to make.

Here are the cards I made for my V.T. and card swap. I’ll never forget the first homemade card I received. It was after giving a talk in church and a couple days later I got this beautiful card in the mail with the most heart-felt words inside. She had made this same card in maroon. Needless to say, this card is very dear to me.

(Here’s a close up view.) I still remember those sweet words Lori wrote and how special I felt when I received it. I’m hoping I can do the same for someone else. Has someone given you something so small but it made a big impact on you?

12 thoughts on “A Fun Creative Day

  1. I love the book marks! Me- I am a paper kinda girl. Anything I can find will do. If I had a cute book mark I know one of “the boys” would claim it as thier own!

  2. Those cards are beautiful! What a great idea. I also love the bookmarks (you wouldn’t want to see mine, either…). 🙂

  3. yes, someone has given me something so sweet that I will treasure….

    Oh wait! That was today, from YOU!!!

    Laurie, I can’t say how sweet and touching your kind words are. You are a treasure.

    (oh, and the Sonic was Fab. too! You totally ROCK!!! 🙂

  4. Love your cards!! That’s what I do – I’ll have to post some – I do tons of swaps – I’d love to see more!

    And I love the bookmarks, great idea

  5. CUTE cards! I hope you’re in the same card swap that I am! 🙂

    And I totally agree with you… getting a card that has heart felt words in it just makes a girls day! I keep a card like that forever too!

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