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Happy 4th of July

Made a yummy cake recommended by a fellow blogger.

Had lunch at the Walls house and then went to see the Rat movie. I was in the foyer the entire time following Drake around.

Had fun with fireworks at the Walls’ parents house.

The fireworks FREAKED Drake and Tyson out! Thank goodness they got used to it after the first dozen or so.

Me and Drake playing in the yard.

Jason, Me, Brian, and Lisa hanging out all ready for the fireworks show. We were so close to the fireworks it was amazing! They really know how to put on a fireworks show in Bedford! WOW! We had the best time.

On the way home a lady was driving crazy and was laying on her horn driving down the main road where the entire town was walking back to their cars. Davis, curious as to what the noise was, walked into the street and nearly got ran over by this lunatic! I swear that boy has an army of angels watching over him. Thank heaven she didn’t hit him!!

These are the kids the next morning. I’m crazy to have planned a play date! (We got home at midnight and Drake was bright eyed at 6:30 am!)

This was me the next day, exhausted!!

2 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July

  1. Great headband! thank goodness your son is okay! that is scary!
    love the cake you made.. looks just like the pictures in the magazines!

  2. i looked like you in the last pic (but nobody caught it with my camera)- looks like you guys had a fun 4th!:)

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