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Something I’ve Needed to do

I’ve been working on my game room walls for a while now. (I’m still not satisfied.) I arranged a bunch of frames to create a travel wall. I want to display pics of our family vacations. Since this has been an ongoing project I haven’t given it much thought until Rochelle and Chanda came over for Movie Night. Rochelle went to go look at all the pictures – and well – there weren’t any. My bad?

So, I decided to go ahead and put in pictures of trips we’ve already taken. In the big frame on the middle-right I’m going to put a picture of the fam on the Seadoos. But other than that, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve filled all the picture frames with photos of my family. Yeah!

Do you think the frames are “too uniformed”? I feel like there’s something missing, or maybe too much? What do you think? I need some advice.

I also have a wall of some of our Halloween pictures. Halloween is my favorite holiday and we usually dress up with a family theme. I’m still looking for a big, square, leather clock to go above these frames. I think that would work perfectly.

I think it’s important to have pictures of the “good times” you have as a family around. It makes me smile and try to creating more bonding memories. How do you display your family memento’s?

12 thoughts on “Something I’ve Needed to do

  1. I love the frames in the top photo with the neat mats. Where did you find those? The room looks awesome!

  2. I love the idea of a vacation wallfull of pictures! How fun!!! I also love that you have a family theme at Halloween!!! You are just full of good ideas!

    I love pictures too! I have family pictures all over my house! You can never have too many!!!

  3. Oooh, I love it! Great idea on the travel wall–may have to copy that one! I so miss Garden Ridge–one of my fav stores–we really need one here in Idaho! 🙂

  4. anytime I head to a friend’s house…the first thing I look at is the photos. they always tell such a story…good for you! They look great…

  5. Good job, chica! Glad to inspire.

    SF is fun. We’re resting in the hotel (Greg is sleeping, I’m cruising the net). We walked ALL over today. Super tired.

  6. The pictures look fantastic!! I have a vacation “room” whenever we go for a trip we buy pictures or something that can go in our room and it’s fun to “visit” the room!

  7. I love how you arranged the pictures. I love pictures, I just havent been very good at getting them up on the walls!!
    The room looks great!

  8. okay.. I love your pictures.. I think you should add some vinyl on the wall above to label where that vacation was… Paris… Idaho…the Lake.. use the same font and color of vinyl..just an idea.. I think it would add something!

  9. It’s so funny..because we’re doing this right now and are in the SAME boat. I’m still buying the frames and I can’t quite figure out the right place on the walls! It’s bugging me!

    I’ve been shopping Hobby Lobby half off.

    Maybe I’ll figure out something looking at yours! They look GREAT!

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